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     Far Apart and Close Together

    Building on the deep friendship and enduring partnership between Switzerland and Bhutan, the Society Switzerland-Bhutan (SSB) was founded in 2000 as a Swiss association with a mission to encourage social, charitable, ecological, cultural and other philanthropic projects.

    SSB works hand-in-hand with people on the ground in Bhutan, particularly with its local sister organisation Bhutan-Switzerland Society (BSS).




    The Society Switzerland Bhutan (SSB) was founded in 2000 with the purpose to deepen and further strengthen the unique bonds of friendship between the people of Bhutan and Switzerland. With its more then 250 members from all over Switzerland the society’s main objectives are:

    • Strengthening civil society and market-oriented small-scale entrepreneurship

    • Promoting knowledge transfer and mutual understanding in both countries

    • SSB and BSS are competent and acknowledged promoters of mutual values

    Over the years a strong partnership has evolved to support these challenging objectives. It is our close cooperation with the Bhutan Switzerland Society, based in Thimphu, which helps us to identify, evaluate, plan, implement and monitor our activities and projects in Bhutan. The development of this partnership will be our strategic focal point for the coming years.

    In Switzerland the SSB organizes public events, excursions and discussions that emphasise on cultural and societal exchange and publishes a quarterly newsletter based on actualities.

    All of our activities are funded by our more than 260 members whereas larger programmes and projects are financed by private and public donors. SSB is exempted from tax.


    Profile of the Society Switzerland-Bhutan

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    Strategy 2023-2027

    The Board's general strategic direction and strategic key points 2023-2027, passed on February 2023


    Agreement on Co-operation between Society Switzerland-Bhutan (SSB)
    and Bhutan-Switzerland (SBS)

    signed in Thimphu on December 2, 2009
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    Memorandum of Understanding

    between Bhutan-Swiss Friendship Association and Druk-Switzerland Thuendrel Tshogpa
    signed in Thimphu on November 12, 2001
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