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    Electric Fencing



    In 2016, our sister organisation BSS approached SSB with the proposal to support 3 EFPs in Zhemgang. As a condition, the project sites had to be linked to the communities where SSB had supported school programmes in the past. Finally, three schemes were proposed for funding by the Zhemgang Agricultural Office: (1) Salapong village near Tashibi under Phangkhar Gewog), (2) Kagtong under Ngangla Gewog, and (3) Barpong under Bjoka Gewog. It was planned to construct 3 solar schemes with a total length of 17 km of electric fences at a cost of Nu 678'000 (or ca. CHF 11'000). It was assumed that 92 families or ca 500 people would ultimately benefit.

    Electric Fencing Project (EFP) – Project Completion Report


    Druk Metho and Drachukha Flower Group

     Druk Metho

    The Society Switzerland - Bhutan through our member Lisette Müller-Jaag‘s family is supporting Drachukha Flower Group and Druk Metho in their efforts to establish a business in growing and marketing organic herbs and flower petals in Bhutan and in Switzerland. 

    “Druk Metho is a production and manufacturing business which works in dose partnership with the Drachukha Flower Group. The all women's farmers group grows and dries valuable flowers, herbs and spices. The products are further processed and marketed by Druk Metho.

    Druk Metho has an environmental and a social cause. The environmental cause is to enhance organic farming and support farmers to develop sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. The Drachukha Flower Farm is in the process of becoming the first EU-certified organic farm in Bhutan.

    The social cause is to develop future perspectives for young people in Bhutan’s farming communities. These communities are not only crucial for the country’s food sovereignty, but are also custodians of unique cultural heritage. Our wish is to create conditions, which empower young people to grow to their full potential.

    Druk Metho is building on a long and rich history of friendship between Bhutan and Switzerland. Martin Lüdi and Markus Bucher as well as several others have helped to initiate Druk Metho and bring it to life from the start. They have provided immense time, knowledge, resources and love to the project. We are more than grateful to them and to Swiss Alpine Herbs for these invaluable efforts!”

    (Adrian von Bernstorff, Jigme Singye Wanchuck School of Law, Entrepreneurialism Clinic)


    Yangbari Kitchen Garden Irrigation Project

     As the farmers of Yangbari are suffering from nutritional deficiency, and are having low living standards, it is most important for the 45 households to be trained in vegetable cultivation to gain a minimum level of dietary energy consumption and income generation by selling vegetables. With the watering facility at easy reach, they could grow vegetables throughout the year, producing different varieties of vegetables.

    The Project consisted of the construction of a 39’200 litre reservoir tank and fitting of 5720 m High Density Polythene (HDP) water pipes and sprinklers in 54 gardens.

    This project was implemented through the Bhutan - Switzerland Society in Thimphu and funded by two private donators through the Society Switzerland - Bhutan.

    Yangbari Kitchen Garden Project (pdf)


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